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AFC Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinics Near Greenville, SC Metro - 15 Locations Near You

Our Newest Location on Haywood Road in Greenville is Now Open!

Wound Care Specialist in Greenville, SC

Here at AFC Urgent Care Greenville we provide high-quality wound care for your unique physical needs. Our professionals are here to help you get the treatment you need.

Wound Care Specialist in Greenville, SC

While it may seem stoic or tough to let a wound fester without getting it looked at, that is not a wise decision! An untreated wound can become infected, leading to a whole cluster of different issues that significantly complicate the initially innocent-seeming wound. If you have suffered a wound recently, don’t hesitate to get it looked at by a wound care specialist. Here at AFC Urgent Care in Greenville, South Carolina, we have excellent wound care specialists who can give your wound the attention it needs.

Does urgent care treat wounds?

Yes! Urgent care clinics will treat any wound that is not life-threatening. Our physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners at AFC Urgent Care in Greenville, South Carolina, all have extensive experience treating wounds; they will take extraordinary care of any minor wound brought to their attention. However, if your wound is life-threatening, you must go to your nearest emergency room to receive immediate medical attention as urgent care clinics are not equipped to provide life-saving or emergency medical care. If you are unsure if your wound is life-threatening or not, check to make sure that it is not near any arteries or vital organs and that it has not exposed any bone.

What does a wound care clinic do?

Wound care clinics specialize in treating both fresh wounds and non-healing wounds (i.e., wounds that have not begun to heal within two weeks of the injury). While many individuals may be trained in first aid that can satisfactorily treat minor wounds, the risk of infection is higher when a wound is treated outside of a medical facility. As such, if you have a wound that is at a higher risk of infection, you should come in for wound care treatment at an urgent care facility like AFC Urgent Care. Our wound care specialists will clean the wound, lather an antibiotic ointment on the wound, and bandage it. If necessary, we may also stitch the wound together, which will be done under local anesthesia. They will also provide you with aftercare instructions, including how often to change the bandage, properly clean the wound, what kind of activity you should refrain from, and when you can safely remove the bandage or have your stitches removed.

If you have a wound that is not healing, our wound care team will examine and measure your wound, check the blood flow around the wound, diagnose the cause for the lack of healing, and develop a treatment plan to help the wound heal.

How do I know if my wound is infected?

There are typically five signs of an infection when it comes to a wound. If there is an expanding redness around the wound, yellow or green-colored pus that drains from the wound, a red streak running away from the wound, increased swelling, pain, or tenderness with the wound, or the development of a fever, your wound is likely infected, and you should seek urgent medical attention. The best thing to do if you are unsure if your wound is infected or not is to come into an urgent care facility like AFC Urgent Care, and a wound care specialist can examine the wound to see if there is an infection.

What type of doctor treats wound care?

The type of doctor that provides wound care is, predictably enough, a wound care specialist. Wound care specialists are usually general practitioners that have received specialized training and education in wound care. Our board-certified physicians at AFC Urgent Care in Greenville, South Carolina, have extensive wound care education, training, and experience to help our clients recover from wounds properly and efficiently.

If you have suffered a non-life-threatening wound, or have a wound that is not healing correctly, come into AFC Urgent Care in Greenville, South Carolina! Our wound care specialists will take expert care of you. No appointment is required at our clinic. Walk-in, and you will see a medical professional promptly! AFC Urgent Care has many locations across South Carolina, including six different locations in the Greenville area. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and throughout the weekend from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.